Dealing room

The open doors of the Dealing Room provide students with an excellent opportunity to step into the dynamic world of financial markets and practically apply their theoretical knowledge.

During regular classes, students have the chance to acquire various aspects of fundamental and technical analysis. Using professional trading software that includes essential inputs such as prices, time, and trading volume, students can also monitor orders in real time.

The Dealing Room offers an analysis of various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, indices, commodities, and currency pairs. The backtesting phase is intended for optimizing trading strategies. Students are trained in trading across different timeframes, ranging from intraday trading to long-term portfolio formation and rebalancing. In the execution phase, our students have the opportunity to learn techniques for managing various types of orders and setting desired risk limits. Like in professional investment firms, preferred exposures are often achieved through financial derivatives. After becoming familiar with the characteristics of specific futures contracts and options, they are used for trading in the context of full or partial hedging, exposure transfer, and/or speculative positions.

Our students, upon completing their studies, successfully utilize professional tools for working in financial markets. In addition to theoretical knowledge, they have gone through a simulation of work in an investment firm and understand the areas of various job positions within it. Whether it is positions like investment analyst, broker-dealer, investment advisor, portfolio manager, financial derivatives analyst, investment performance interpreter, or investment banker, all our students have completed practical training in the Dealing Room and mastered the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career start.

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