Virtual TOur


The modern amphitheater of our Faculty represents a space that combines functionality, aesthetics and technology to provide an optimal environment for interactive learning and lectures. With its elegant design and advanced audio-visual equipment, the amphitheater enables students to immerse themselves in educational material in a way that inspires and motivates them. Its spaciousness ensures optimal visibility and acoustics, while integrated smart systems allow for easy sharing of presentations and interaction with professors and colleagues, creating a stimulating environment that supports teaching activities at the highest level.


The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art teaching resources that enable multimedia presentations. Each classroom has internet access, which, among other things, allows for online monitoring of events on stock exchanges and financial markets worldwide. In addition, the rooms are well-lit, creating a pleasant atmosphere for learning. Whether it’s group work, lectures, or workshops, our modernly designed rooms are designed to support all the needs of the teaching process.

Dealing room

At our Faculty, there is a room known as the Dealing Room, which is dedicated to simulating trading and financial transactions. This room is equipped with computers, terminals and softwares that provide students the opportunity to experience realistic financial scenarios. Through simulated situations, students can develop risk management skills, decision-making abilities and market analysis. The Dealing Room offers an authentic experience of the financial world and prepares students for the real challenges they will encounter in their careers.


At the BBA Faculty, the IT classroom is used to support teaching in the field of information technology. This room provides students with access to the latest software and tools necessary for gaining practical skills in the IT sector. Additionally, the IT classroom creates a productive environment for learning and research. Whether it’s programming, web design, or data analysis, students can use the IT classroom as a place to apply theoretical knowledge into practice and develop their skills in the digital sphere


The Faculty has a library that houses all the publications released by the Faculty itself, within the Publishing Center’s work, as well as domestic and foreign publications related to the study programs offered by the Faculty. Within the library, there is a student reading room. The library collection is continuously enriched with contemporary literature, available in both printed and electronic formats.