The library collection contains specialized literature in the fields of macro and microeconomics and can be considered one of the most valuable professional libraries in the field of economics and related disciplines.

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The library collection of the Faculty consists of the library of the Institute of Economic Sciences, the UN Documentation Center, under the common name LUNIC (Library of the Institute of Economic Sciences and the UN Information and Documentation Center), and the library of the Belgrade Banking Academy. These libraries are specialized in nature and represent an important source of information for researchers, students, scientific collaborators, as well as professors from universities and faculties.

Students at the BBA Faculty have access to annual reports, documents, working papers, as well as periodicals from other international and regional institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Union, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, EFTA, OECD, etc. The library’s policy is to renew and expand its collection not only through purchases but also through exchange, donations, and cooperation with other scientific and educational institutions at the regional and international levels.

Since 2007, the library has initiated the electronic processing of books (COBISS – electronic mutual cataloging of books). COBISS represents an organizational model for linking libraries into a library-information system with mutual cataloging, mutual bibliographic-cataloging database COBIB, and local databases of participating libraries, a database on libraries called COLIB, a normative database called CONOR, as well as numerous other functions of a virtual library.

The professional foundations and technological prerequisites for the system to function include:

  • standardized and mutual processing of library materials and consistent catalog management

  • adequate training of professional staff for mutual cataloging

  • computer and communication connectivity of libraries
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