Application for
in Master's Studies

Admission Requirements

Candidates eligible for enrollment in graduate academic – master studies must have obtained higher education in the field of economic business-oriented undergraduate academic studies lasting four years.

How are candidates ranked?

Ranking is based on the average grade achieved in undergraduate studies, results of the entrance exam, and an interview.

Who takes the entrance exam?

Candidates exempt from the entrance exam are those who have completed studies at:

  • Belgrade Banking Academy,
  • Faculty of Economics,
  • Faculty of Organizational Sciences,
  • Faculties in the field of management and business
Candidates who have not completed an appropriate faculty must take the entrance exam (electronic test) in the areas of monetary economics, banking, and financial markets.

Documents required for enrollment:

  1. Application for enrollment (form available on the BBA website)
  2. Diploma from undergraduate academic studies (original or certified copy)
  3. Extract from the birth registry (original or certified copy)
  4. 2 photos sized 3.5 x 4.5 cm