Student ambassador

Dear colleagues,
I proudly welcome you as a student ambassador. It is a great honor and pleasure to do so.

I am the one to perform this newly created function for the first time at our faculty.
My name is Milica Čortanovački and I am a student in the fourth year of basic academic studies.
I am very grateful for the opportunity and I am happy to take on the role of student ambassador in order to contribute to the student community and enhanced the experience of all of us on this exciting journey of education. Being a student ambassador means being a bridge between students and faculty.

Through this role, I want to encourage team spirit, collegiality and exchange of ideas, thereby creating
a positive environment that supports learning and development.

I am aware of the challenge that each of us faces during education itself and from
that’s why I’m here – always ready to listen to your questions or dilemmas, and your suggestions yes
I present it to the professors and the faculty administration. In this way, we will improve the level of satisfaction studies and the quality of knowledge that we get at the BBA faculty.

I hope that together we will build bridges of knowledge, develop new skills, exchange experiences from professional internships that the faculty made possible for us, and in that way make our own
student community stronger and more connected. I am at your disposal, as well as mine
colleagues as well as our professors, always in the mood for an open and honest conversation.
Dear current and future colleagues, I look forward to your questions regarding studying at the BBA
faculty, elective courses and modules. I am at your disposal during the preparation exams and colloquiums, as well as all the answers that interest you first hand. I look forward to the days that are ahead of us, new shared experiences and academic successes!

Milica Čortanovački