Successful careers

Marina Ostojić

“What I would like to point out as one of the privileges of studying at the BBA Faculty is the friendly and high-quality teaching staff. The specialty of this Faculty is the multitude of study programs, which during and after the completion of the studies provide the possibility of employment both in banks, insurance companies, and in investment funds and auditing firms.
Today, working for a global company as a manager who successfully deals with negotiations and project management in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as various other contracts, I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge acquired at the Belgrade Banking Academy, especially in the field of international and corporate finance, risk and monetary economy.”

Marina Ostojić

NCR Corporation atlanta - Georgia, United states

Global Procurement Manager

“Today, as an entrepreneur and founder of one of the leading outsourcing companies in the region, I would advise everyone to make maximum use of the knowledge of the experts at the Belgrade Banking Academy.
I would encourage new students to learn with a realistic understanding and to approach new challenges not in a pattern but logically, because everything changes quickly so it is important to approach new unknown problems with confidence.
It’s important to always give your best and not let the instances where you weren’t at your best stop you from continuing to work hard and reach your full potential.”

Marko Dubocanin

Silver Bell Group Belgrade, Serbia


Nebojša Jovović

“The opportunity to improve academically at the BBA Faculty through a modern program of doctoral studies and to have the opportunity to acquire useful knowledge from a high-quality, professional and dedicated team of professors was a privilege for me. The study concept is designed to prepare students for continuous learning and research, to shape their ideas and translate them into action in a complex business environment. The practical and theoretical knowledge acquired at the BBA Faculty is an essential element in the formula of my professional success so far. I am sure that choosing the Belgrade Banking Academy will be the key to a successful career for all future students!”

Nebojsa Jovović



Miloš Popović

“The BBA Faculty, in addition to professional knowledge, enables its students to develop a sharp mind and inner self-confidence – this is because the focus at the BBA Faculty is not on learning what to think, but how to think/think – which I consider the most important skill for any professional career in today’s challenging times, and life in general. Good luck!”

Miloš Popović

Government of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Nenad Petković

“After successfully completing his basic studies at BBA, as one of the students of his generation, Nenad won a prestigious scholarship (DAAD) and the Open Society Institute (OPI), for the Global Political Economy master’s program at the University of Kassel in Germany.
For the last five years, Nenad has been working at the largest cloud service provider Amazon Web Services, part of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), as a Senior Proposal Manager based in London. He speaks fluent English, German and uses Spanish.”

Nenad Petković

Amazon Web Services london, united kingdom

Senior Proposal Manager - Public Sector

Edo Duran

“I can say with certainty that the analytical, strategic and ethical decision-making abilities I acquired during my studies at the BBA Faculty are now my compass in the financial world. The education I received didn’t just prepare me for the job; it prepared me for a successful career, where I can make a significant impact and continue to grow, learn and contribute.”

Edo Duran

Ernst & Young Stockholm, Sweden