Jean Monnet EFRI Summer School 2023


The Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Rijeka is organizing the International Jean Monnet Summer School „International Environment and European Integration“. Due to successful organization and satisfaction of participants EFRI Summer School will be held in hybrid form (onsite and online).

International EFRI Summer School will be held from July 3th to July 14, 2023. Participants of EFRI Summer School will be students from many European Union countries, non-EU countries, and from the Republic of Croatia, with an interest in the topic of the European union, processes of integration, and business in the international environment.

Summer school is a form of socializing and education of young people whit enables international cooperation. The goal of the EFRI Summer School is to broaden the knowledge of students of economics, law, political sciences, administration, and other related studies on the economic integration process in Europe, and to point out the advantages and challenges of economic integration and business environment in everyday life. As part of the Summer School, cooperation with the local community, successful Croatian companies, and other important institutions is planned.

The program of EFRI Summer School is completely held in the English language. With successful completion of the program, participants will achieve 6 ECTS points which they can use in their future education.

Students can participate in EFRI Summer School ONLINE or ONSITE, depending on their preferences. 

In attachment of this email, we are sending you the brochure with additional information.

Application for summer school is possible through the online form at the following link:

 The deadline for the application is June 15, 2023.


Please be informed that according to our program policy we are allowed to sign only letters confirming participation and accommodation for non-EU participants.

Candidates from non-EU countries requiring a more strict form of formal guarantee letters in which the University takes the responsibility for the attendants cannot be issued

Other information about EFRI Summer School are available on:

For any further questions, the head of the EFRI Summer School, Marko Tomljanović, PhD (