Last Call for „Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer School“

The program ‘‘Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer School ’’ (IAU) is now open and admissions have started for both undergraduate and post graduate students can apply to this program.

We are happy to announce that Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer School of Istanbul Aydin University has now started taking registrations. We are delighted to share with you the details of this program below. This year we have added 3 new courses, such as Gastronomy, Fashion Design and a brand new Integrated Marketing Communication. From Medicine to Fine Arts, Business Administration to Engineering we offer 10 thrilling courses in Delightful Istanbul 2023.

We have also upgraded the accommodation facility to IAU’s superior hostel, with spacey rooms and superior facilities and still within walking distance to the campus.

Dates: 22 July – 05 August 2023

Social Activity Program:
Delightful Istanbul Summer School comes with a rich social activities program that enables students to discover nearly all attractions of the city while they continue their studies. Click here for full details.
Program fee is 850 USD. Fee includes; 50 hours of class tuition, course materials, bed and breakfast accommodation in a superior hostel for 14 nights, two weekend tours, program amenities and other surprises. For more information click here Fashion Design and Gastronomy Courses have and additional fee of 40 USD.
Following courses are offered:

  • Digital Marketing                                                                                3 ECTS
  • Brand Management                                                                            3 ECTS
  • Exploration of Turkish Art via Museums                                       3 ECTS
  • Current Issues in International Politics                                         3 ECTS
  • Neuroscience                                                                                        3 ECTS
  • Genetics and Medical Biotechnology                                              4 ECTS
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making                                                       3 ECTS
  • Fashion Design                                                                                    3 ECTS
  • Integrated Marketing Communication (Blended Mobility P.)  6 ECTS
  • Fundamentals of Aviation (Blended Intensive Program )          5 ECTS
  • The Taste of Istanbul and Anatolian Food Culture                      3 ECTS

Easy Application Process:

  • All applicants must have a minimum of B2 level English
  • They simply need to feel the application form here
  • A Passport size Photo – A Valid Student Is (With validity date on), and Passport Copy to be uploaded

For more information please visit our website or contact us;