Call for Scholarship Applications

Erudition Scholarship CFA Serbia, a non-registered private foundation, is accepting scholarship applications for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program exams to be held at the tescentre in Belgrade in June 2017.


Initiated in the fall of 2013 in Toronto, Canada, the mission of the Foundation is to further the potential of world-class financial talent in Serbia by oPering scholarships to outstanding individuals and support their professional development by  tapping  into  the e-learning structure of the globally recognized Chartered Financial Analyst Institut.


The selected candidates will have demonstrated themselves through exceptional academic achievement, personal   and    professional    excellence,    and   determination    to   enrich   their qualifications by being  awarded the professional  designation  of  CFA charterholder the considered by many to be the gold standard in finance today. 


Our  vision  is to  strengthen  the  capabilities  of young  professionals  and  foster  role  models with the  highest  social  and  environmental  awarenesss  intent  on enhancin their local  and global communities. To this end, the Foundation has in the past awarded scholarships for the: June 2014; June 2015and June 2016 CFA Program exams.


Interested candidates may submit,by July 29, the following:


  • CV/resume (including language proficiency and citizenship) 

  • A response to the question: If you  were  movie  director  and  money and  resources  were not an issue,what would you make movie about and why?

Email the  above  to: Ana  Vjetrov  Program  Coordinator  —; and a copy to:

Recipients of the scholarship will be informed on August 10. Thereafter, it is a simple four step process:the scholarship recipient registerson-line with the CFA Institute; emails ther invoice for payment processing to Erudition Scholarship CFA Serbia by August 15; we issue payment directly to the CFA Institute; the Institute processes payments within business days and emails  to the registrant the digital format curriculume eBook.


Erudition Scholarship CFA Serbia was initiated by Dragana Jasmine Vujasinovic Hartog. Born in Belgrade, Toronto, Canada isher home since the age of two. She is a graduate of the University of  Toronto,  holds  a  Chartered  Investment  Manager (CIM) designation  and  is Co-Principal  of Cedar Croft  Financial  Inc, a privately held investment  management firm.